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Baska Voda

First evidence of settlement on this area dates from early Bronze Age (1700 - 1500 BC). During that period walled settlements with wooden lodgings plastered with mud were formed on the site of nearby Bast and on the hillock Gradina in Baska Voda.

When those regions were a part of Roman Empire (II and III century BC) the settlement was formed traces of which were found on hillock Gradina. Its center was probably formed on the place of today's Baska Voda.

Many tombstones from ancient times were found but only a few were preserved while most of them were destroyed during construction works. Some tombstones have Illyrian names engraved, so it can be concluded that newly-arrived Romans and old Illyrians were living together.

After 7th century throughtout the following thousand years there are no traces of urban living by the sea. All the activities were moved at the foot of Mt. Biokovo. Fresh water springs were used for watering the cattle and it can be assumed that first buildings built during 17th century were shelters for shepards. First public building was St. Lawrence's Chapel from 1750.

When the risk of pirats' attack ceased local population returned on the coast and built new Baska Voda. The population starts developing tradition in agriculture, fishing and sailing. Many buildings were built including St. Nicholaus Church in 1889.

After the harbour was constructed in 1912 Baska Voda became the most important harbour in this area through which intensive trade between islands and Biokovo area took place. In the 1930s first hotel was built. It was hotel Slavija owned by Sikavica family. In 1933 society which takes care of Baska Voda appearance was established.

Intensive development started in 1968 when the "Magistrala" (motorway along the Adriatic coast) was built. Comfortable hotels were built, the camp was open and more and more private houses were engaged in tourism.

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